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Weight Loss Articles and Health Tips

Can Fasting Help Me Lose Weight? - there is a right way and wrong way to fast for weight reduction
Can Meditation Help me to Lose Weight? - the role of meditation in a healthy weight loss program
Ease Your Way into Yoga and Meditation - tips for becoming established in a regular daily practice

The Health Benefits of Fasting - learn how to do periodic fasting to maintain your health
How to Become Regular in the Practice of Yoga - tips for making yoga a regular part of your day
The Exercise Difference in Weight Loss
How to Meditate with a Mantra - how to do it and why it works so well
Meditation: The Greatest Secret of the Universe - an easy technique can transform your meditation
Seven Common Myths About Yoga - separating fact from fiction
Tips for Better Meditation - learn how to increase your concentration powers and ability to meditate
Yoga Health Secrets - find out what the six secrets to long life are, and how you can practice them

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